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From automated form filling, to complex drafting, to managing all your clauses in one place, PROSE is advanced LawTech software that lets you create professional documents, beautifully


Draft Faster

Prose is built to draft contracts. Experience auto-completing terms and cross references as you type. Seamlessely navigate complex projects in a streamlined multi-document environment.

Clause Library

Prose organizes your existing contracts into a personal clause library, so you can move from nothing to nearly finished in minutes, not hours.

Auto Review

Prose automatically detects and flags common drafting errors, saving you time and ensuring a high quality finished product.

Perfect Style

Prose separates styles and content, set your branding once and draft consistent, professional documents forever.

Built For Lawyers

  • Bespoke drafting
  • Create templates
  • Manage favorite clauses
  • Manage glossary terms
  • Use tags
  • Proofreading tools
  • Automation tools
  • Re-papering
  • One click document production
  • Internal comments
  • Highlight clauses
  • Add drafting notes
  • Document theme library
  • Simple formatting
  • Document production
  • Browse clauses, glossary terms, notifications
  • Data import from CSV
  • and lots more!

Prose in 3 minutes

(with sound)



AUD $175/month + GST

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  • Contract Drafting
  • Document Automation
  • Dynamic Review
  • Document Production
  • Personal/Enterprise Database
  • On- or off-premise hosting options


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